M. Jacinta Silva Armstrong

Chile is a seismic country surrounded by mountain ranges. The topography of the territory is abrupt and rough. The Andes are an invariable, high skyline limiting the view. The landscape is a wall.

My practice starts from the paradox of growing up in a seismic country, built on the latent possibility of destruction. I approach painting as a position from which to learn and analyse this geography, now revisited from the experience of being away. I exercise this as an active slowness: an effort to actively unlearn the territory and look for new ways of organising it, according to my own measures.

I make visual essays that result in paintings, drawings, and hand-bound books as well. I am interested in fragments, folds, translucency and blurriness as mediums to create subjective narratives and fragile atmospheres, as well as a distance within the image. These become a collection of exercises around an observation or wondering, to which an answer appears elusive and untranslatable into language.